What Moms Secretly Want for Christmas

Woman holding gift photo credit:  designed by Freepik

Woman holding gift photo credit: designed by Freepik

Dearest Families,

We moms have been extra good this year (like every year before). And while we prize the bottles of perfume, swoon over the slippers and honor the homemade gifts, we’d like to ask you for a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’ this year. And guess what? These gifts are TOTALLY FREE!

Please consider checking them out before Christmas. That is, if you don’t want to end up on our naughty list.


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What Moms Secretly Want for Christmas

To be told that we’re doing a good job. By our spouses. By our children. By our parents. By our in-laws. Heck, a stranger even. We’re not looking for much. A simple, “you’re a good mom” or “you’re raising awesome kids” or “thanks for all you do” will suffice. Mommin’ is a tough gig. Compliments like these recharge the batteries and assures us we’re doing something right.

To poop in peace. Just 5 minutes on the can without someone banging on or busting through the door would be heavenly. Same goes for alarming noises—glass breaking, siblings arguing, doorbells ringing. If those could all wait until we’ve done our doody, our bowels (and sanity) would be grateful.

For you to put the cap back on the toothpaste tube. You know, that little white thing that you unscrewed off the tube about 2 minutes before? Righty tighty, my little friend. And voila! No more rivers of Crest Cool Mint Gel all over the countertop.

To drink a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. Coffee is mommy’s magic elixir and it only works when it’s warm. So please, just give us 15 minutes without “Mom, where is my…,” “Mom, I need…,” “Mom, come see what (insert sibling name here) is doing.” Because you can only microwave a mug of coffee so many times before it becomes a legit radioactive hazard. It’s simple math. Hot coffee = happy mommy.

For practice to be cancelled. Don’t get us wrong. We love watching you play youth sports and are happy to drive you to and from here and there most every night of the week. But an unexpected quiet night at home is kinda like winning the lottery. So when we can get a free movie night and couch snuggles, you can bet we’re taking it.

A just-because hug. We love the times you surprise us with a hug for absolutely no reason. Not because you want something. Not because we asked you to. Not because you did something that you feel guilty about that we have yet to discover. But because you truly love how it feels in our arms, a safe and warm place where you will always be welcome.

For you to turn your clothes right side out before putting them in the hamper. Sometimes we feel like Harry Houdini trying to unravel the dirty underwear still tightly twisted in your leggings or athletic pants. Gaaa-ross. And for the love of all that is good and holy, please stop putting clothing you’ve worn for 10 minutes (or clean clothes that you were too lazy to put away) into the dirty clothes pile.

For 5 more minutes. Before you turn another year older. Before your last day of elementary school. Before you read, hear or see something that changes your innocence forever. We want 5 more minutes of those extra special moments—first steps, baby giggles, early morning snuggles and family vacations.

For you to eat your dinner without complaining, prodding, reminding or bribing. Last week, you loved mashed potatoes, this week you’d think we were serving you monkey brains a l’orange. Let’s turn down the “ewwws,” “I’m full” and gagging sound effects, whatta ya say?

To get my charger back. You know, the one we bought for a buck Walmart? We bought it because you stole all the other ones we’d bought before this one. Ten chargers in the house and, somehow, some way, your bedroom is a graveyard for all of them.

For you to get along with your brother/sister for a hot minute. Please, just please. I’m on my knees begging you.

A day when you don’t point our muffin tops, gray hairs or coffee breath. Being a mom isn’t pretty. Do you know what our bodies had to go through just for you to be here? So ease up on the parts of us that aren’t so perfect. We’re already our worst critics so we don’t need any snarky comments from the peanut gallery.  

For you to put away your backpack, sports pack or sleepover bag instead of dumping it in the foyer. Let’s play a game. When you walk in the door, pretend like the floor is a bed of hot coals and hustle to the safety of your bedroom. No stopping on the way or you’ll burst into flames! Now drop your bag there and even take the extra step of unpacking it if the Christmas spirit moves you.

For healthy, happy kids. When it comes down to it, that’s all us moms really want. It’s what we pray for every night and what we strive for every day. Because YOU are our greatest gifts (and always will be). The rest of this list? Icing on the fruitcake.

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