Learning the Subtle Art of Letting Go

Learning the Subtle Art of Letting Go

I bet you feel (or have felt) it, too. The gut punch of letting go.

Letting go of letters to Santa. Letting go of visits from the Tooth Fairy. Letting go of big family birthday parties. Letting go of the backyard playset. Letting go of your VIP pass to the enchanting world of childhood.

For parents (and kids, I’m sure), it’s a strange and foreign land. An in-between place where you can feel like you’re floating adrift, with the magic of childhood behind you and the promise of adulthood on the horizon.

So how to cope with your kids growing up without losing your sh#t? I’m no expert but I’ve learned a few things along the way. I call it “The Subtle Art of Letting Go.” Here are 6 must-know lessons…

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